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nursedarry in ccamargo

Great show!

Had an amazing time at As You Like It yesterday. The production was beautifully done with a modern feel with a whimsical set design. The cast were brilliant - Ms R. is gorgeous and has a great sense of comedic timing. The whole thing was funny and well-staged.

Met up with CC for a beer and a chat afterwards and he said to pass on "hellos" and will keep us posted with upcoming events (we've been in touch on and off since Marlow).

The production is off to Spain in a week and then finally they'll get home for some well-earned rest.

He said that he hopes to spend summers in the UK, so we can probably expect him to pop back next year sometime.

I should have a bit more news in a few weeks - watch this space!


Oohhh! Awesome, thank you very much for the update!
It was a pleasure!
Great to hear you made it and got to spend some time with him. Unfortunately I couldn't make it there. :(
Keep us posted!
Will do! Hopefully he'll be in touch soon with this interesting news. (And when I say that it really depends on your gender and age...she says cryptically:)